Osiris ● D3V

Once upon a time there was a skateboard shoe called D3 by an OG footwear brand called Osiris. Hated by many but nonchalant by nature, this shoe conquered the cover of Thrasher magazine on the feet of Chris Dobstaff in a hell of a 18 stairs bluntslide. This was May 2004, to say it all. As far as sales, I’ve read somewhere that sales rep bought houses thanks to the D3, so if you don’t feel chubby tech shoes is one thing but the creation of such a skateboard shoe is an overall success. In 2014 with all the throwback fever in full effect, it seemed legit to bring back the heritage value of such a classic, hence the D3V was born. V stands for vulcanized as this version is gone through a lifting with FLX VLK sole construction, an outsole that is radically different from the original one. These in the hands of Francesca T are the two colorways available. Chubby tech no more, D3V is a slim model that looks more of a luxury shoe with its matte perforated synthetic leather. I’m intrigued by the small things so I checked its lace loops and I saw the name of the brand engraved in. Rest assured about its durability because the upper has reinforced high abrasion areas. For confort and support you have a padded lightweight tongue and blown EVA RE-UP Insole. You can chill with these or try to conquer the next cover of Thrasher. Don’t blame it on me nor on Nitro Distribution that distributes Osiris in Italy if you didn’t succeed.

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