Osiris – Decay

Let me tell you one thing: skateboarding may be subject to change but it never gets old. You can be an OG rolling down the street just cruising or a tech monster dropping back to back tricks on flatground and there is always a fun element in there. Osiris knows all this and that’s why the brand from Carlsbad has been doing footwear specifically designed for skateboarding since 1996. While some love bulky shoes to skate some others prefer a slim silhouette that in its basic form provides all the features needed. Today we are giving a look to the Decay, a shoe that has been out for a few years to meet the demand of skaters that look for sensibility and essential style. The reason why these kicks in Ilary S hands continue to gain momentum is because of functionality. Its mix of materials includes suede for what concerns the toe cap and the heel but a thick fabric, similar to cordura, on the side panels. The Decay has the right height and this means that its extra cushioning in the collar area is there to serve and protect (the lower part your shins). Even its tongue is slightly padded and this, together with its EVA RE-UP insole, add to the confort aspect of this shoe. Vulcanized construction seems to be a skateboarders favorite these days so even on this feature Osiris got you covered on the Decay. What could be better to wrap this up than a herringbone tread? Get on Nitro Distribution program and you’ll never get old, just like skateboarding. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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