Osiris – Duster Corey Duffel x Foundation

It doesn’t get more punk than this, with the exception of a neon pink mohican and a spiked perfecto with Discharge stencils on it. Osiris went hard for real this time but let’s start from the beginning. This is a special colorway of the Duster, a skate ready model of the Osiris range. Being Corey Duffel a veteran of the skate team of this brand a brilliant vision as follows surfaced: create a limited colorway of these skateboard shoes with a side panel that is a patchwork of Foundation logos. That original Foundation logo that saw the light of day in 1989 is now getting a new life, considering that it has been seen in the corner of Thrasher ads for all 2016. That’s a nice logo whose punk appeal is undeniable. Wouldn’t it look sick on your leather jacket?! Isn’t the Duff Man one of the number one collectors of punk memorabilia? Even Thrasher has crazy love for him, that’s why he is also part of the latest King of The Road serie”. The Duster here pictured in the hands of Valentina Z is ready to withstand abuse from your skate action. Its one piece toe panel is what makes it effective to kick your board while its padded EVA insole guarantees confort every time you push your board. Bring out your skate punk attitude and ask your shop to carry kicks from OG skate brands like Osiris is. Guaranteed by Nitro Distribution to increase your style when it comes to antisocial anti gravity street skateboarding that protests and survives. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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