Osiris – NYC83 VLC by Nitro Distribution

Osiris is all but discreet when it comes to design a pair of shoes. Their simple equation goes like: the louder, the better. The brand that is true to the skate game for almost a couple of decades now re-designed one of the best sellers of their collection, the NYC83. This time the concept is to put a vulcanized sole instead of the usual cup sole construction on an hi top with a lot of attitude and sprinkle it with rasta colors on that fat tongue. In case you aren’t aware, let me tell you a secret: people love rasta colors. Blame it on reggae music, weed smoking or simply because of the happy vibe that green, yellow and red bring to the table, a sneaker with a rasta touch is destined to get a whole lot of love from everybody. If that sneaker is made of tough canvas in an all black colorway, just to make that logo stand out even more, you are set. Confort and protection are not lacking, making this the ideal shoe to skateboard and bmx in. You’re gonna get a good feeling on your grip tape, my fellow skateboarder reader, because that tread added to the flexibility of the shoes is what you need for the board control that you crave. Chill in style or get into action, this NYC83 VLC in the hands of Flavia P is a sure shot, regardless of your plans. Just let the rastaman vibration get at you and Nitro Distribution will get in touch with your shop and do the rest.

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