Osiris – PLG VLC

If there is a vertical champ among Osiris Shoes professional ranks, that cat is PLG. Smooth with his moves, developing that effortless style that allows him to land technical combos on vert like he was skating a curb, Pierre-Luc Gagnon is the Canadian ace of the whole squad. That’s the reason why Osiris paid back his progression and top placements with a… sick pro model. I just started this morning Six Sick Kicks week: six back to back posts of sneakers to make you clear your mind before Christmas, so I had to start with the right foot. The thick washed canvas of this PLG VLC pro model will conquer you with the street ruggedness. In order to satisfy the needs of his skate action PLG wanted a flexible yet confortable skateboard shoe and the result is here in the hands of Alessia A. A bit padded compared to the average vulcanized shoe, especially on the tongue, this pro model has a couple of eco leather accents on the tongue and on the heel. Of course you can count also on some padding in the insole called EVA OG Cush strobel construction to keep your feet in the right shape. The herringbone pattern of this sole is functional on your grip tape and from a purely aesthetic point of view I couldn’t have picked a more proper color for it. And on that note the tattoo style of the rose designed on the insole is nice too. If you want to get nice accordingly, tell your shop that Osiris sick shoes belong to the roster of Nitro Distribution.

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