Osiris – Protocol

Wanna get tougher than leather like your name was DJ Run? Osiris gives you a chance here. The skate brand that is doing his thing with his own style since 1996 is still here to deliver affordable shoes for skateboarding that may fit even bmxers or surfers lifestyles, as you can see from the feature that this brand has in Transworld Skateboarding Buyers Guide. Do you remember the last time that we checked the Protocol? This skateboard shoe is true to the original formula that wants skate shoes to look like what they actually are: protections for your feet when you go for a skate session. Don’t you think that your feet will be protected by that tongue?! And again, how about the thread of the outsole? That design will let your skate action free to kick the board only to catch it a few fractions of seconds later like you should. It’s universally known that suede is better than leather as far as traction on the griptape but maybe, since you love these shoes, you may consider to have an extra pair. An all white one like this in the hands of Camilla M. What’s better than this solution if you want to show off and let everybody understand how much you love the summertime? What can stop you now? Check how much this shoe changes from one version to another but the passion that drives this brand to the next challenge stays the same. Follow Nitro Distribution on Facebook in order to have the latest updates on the new Osiris models and on its Italian skate team. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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