Osiris – Protocol hemp

We have seen a slew of Protocol shoes on The Maxiemillion already. It’s one of the models from Osiris range that gets the most love for several reasons. Its silhouette is not slim but not too bulky at the same time. It’s one of those models that represents an entry level for those that need a shoe that brings on the style of classic skate shoes. The perfect compromise among an old school vibe and modern features. What stands out in this version of the Protocol that I am showing you today is its material. Staying true to its status of vegan shoe, this time the design department at Osiris wanted to test hemp as a raw material and the result is here to see in the hands of Linda C. The appeal of hemp has an aura of nature by itself, with its irregular texture that here is enhanced by the part with the pattern of hemp leaves. With its impactful branding on the tongue, there is no way that people will mistake you for a supporter of sporting goods company: your kicks are representative of a movement founded in 1996 by a tight crew of friends that had Tony Magnusson among them, one of the best vert skaters ever. Not by chance Osiris posted the news recently on Instagram that Tony Mag pro model will surface soon. This model together with the rest of the range is a Nitro Distribution thing. Find a way to make your shop connect with them and the rest will follow. This is the protocol… to get the Protocol. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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