Osiris – Protocol XPD

I showed you quite a few shoes from Osiris collections, my loyal reader. From the slim floral printed Convert to the tough Sleak, from an hi top with a secret stash like the Taylor Binghaman to the comfortable Uprise, all of these models show attention to your needs (and I know you have several ones). Today we are checkin’ out the Protocol XPD. Slightly different in the design from the original Protocol, these shoes are ready for street action. The purpose of this model is to withstand abuse from wear and tear. So if you are looking for sensibility you would better consider something like the Decay that we have seen here not long ago rather than this one in the hands of Ylenia G. The Protocol XPD is ready to jump off stairs, get abused in BMX, get thrashed at a live show of your favorite band and will last longer than an average pro model. Osiris knows what you like and the reason is simple: it leads the same life you live. The brand founded in 1996 stayed close to the street level for all these years giving you its version of the story when it comes to footwear. This means that beside this one, in Osiris collection you can find your style without looking like somebody that you are not. From a reliable source I have even heard that Greg Lutzka pro model is on its way and may be on your feet by Christmas. Start planning now to get your shop in touch with the nice guys at Nitro Distribution and the rest will follow… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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