Osiris x Creature – Taylor Bingaman

Are you familiar with Creature skateboards? This name is synonymous with a hesh lifestyle that is very well known and respected all over the planet. Known because of the astonishing graphic concepts that are designed under its decks but most of all respected because of the proper knowledge of any skate terrain that may end under the wheels of any team member. Another thing that is a common trait among Creature posse is that they are in love with Mary Jane. More and more people do, but the reason that brings us here is another: Osiris shoes Taylor Bingaman latest colorway. This Creature ripper has a high top pro model for Osiris for a few seasons now and its most recent colorway deserved a post on this blog. Dedicated to those that seek protection first, this shoe in the hands of Selda P won’t disapoint you. Ready to skate thanks to its vulcanized outsole, if you look closely at these shoes you will also notice how protected the laces are from the wear and tear of the grip tape. Enjoy the skate fun that may come from a one piece toecap that can flick your deck properly and don’t worry about breathability: the neoprene tongue has quite a few big ventilation holes. For obvious reasons a shoe like this must revolve around a “no worries” style, therefore if you want to hide your money when you hit a sketchy area, you can hide it in this secret zippered stash that you can find on top of the tongue. “Stash or die… I mean, skate or die!” Nitro Distribution says. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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