Osiris x Darkstar ● Decay Lutzka colorway

Osiris new season is about to land in your favorite skateshop. Good news, considering how much pressure independent skate footwear brands get from sporting goods company that literally cannibalized the market. Osiris is what you call an OG in this game. Tony Magnusson, Brian Reid and their associates had the vision to create this brand in 1996 and never stopped since then.

One of the key players of their team is Greg Lutzka, the Darkstar pro skater that made of positivity a way of life. By this I mean that he skates, he rides an Harley, he snowboards and there are chances that I may not know something else that he loves to do. Outcome: our man is rad, has tons of sponsors and smiles at life so… life smiles back at him. How? With a limited edition Decay Lutzka colorway. The shoes in the hands of Federica F are a staple in Osiris range. We saw a Decay already two years ago, remember? That one had vivid colors and it was a canvas and suede mix, while this grey beauty is all suede.

With custom insoles representing the epic imagery of Darkstar skateboards, we see a juxtaposition of a clean outside and a wicked insole. The same branding with Darkstar helmet is both found here and on the tongue. With a correct balance of sensibility and protection, featuring the trademark Osiris herringbone pattern this essential Decay is ready to meet your lifestyle. Nitro Distribution, that is in charge of this brand for Italy, wishes that such lifestyle is based on stairs, rails, transitions, 4 wheels, 7 plies of maple and griptape.

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