“Big pimpin’ on B.L.A.D.’s/we doin’ big pimpin’ up in NYC” (Jay Z)

Snapbacks again? Oh, yeah, again and again. With more and more brands specialized in headwear plus all the clothing and sneakers companies that of course want to have some, to “pick up a cap” is becoming a very delicate operation these days. Osiris Shoes has a tiny headwear selection that goes by the principe “short but sweet” that includes a few juicy pieces. Here on the head of Michela S we have the NYC snapback in its white/turquoise color variation. The upper part of the visor is made of a shiny PVC material showing a round sticker that certifies that it’s an authentic Osiris cap, while the rest is black. It shows that a special attention to detail has been put to the realization of this piece: an extra label is found inside and interior taping is customized with the name and logo of this brand. The massive branding on the crown has a strong approach. Anyway this is how a 3d embroidery should be done: bold and audacious. Available in several colors, I suggest this for those special occasions where to rock a white snapback makes you stand out and leave the other colorways available for an everyday use. From a brand that never hid his love for hip hop, you sure can expect a swagger heavy headwear piece and from the look of this cap distributed by Nitro Distribution you don’t have to look further. Keep following my posts because I have a few other news about Osiris shoes that I will reveal when it’s the right time.

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