“Sharp descriptive writer, kill a biter/panty raider, party exciter” (Keith Murray)

Not everybody loves high tops but those that do recognize that Osiris has a special flavor when it comes to this kind of sneakers. The color is the first thing that got me stoked on this Raider. It’s a matte dark forest green. Now my question is: with the million camouflage pieces that I reviewed here, what is better than this pair of skate shoes for a proper matching?! How about that metal Osiris logo on the back of the shoe to pull to slip in your heels?! Beside aesthetic issues these kicks have a sick lacing system. Peep closely the second picture. Do you see that black elastic band that I hid behind the laces? You can show it or even hide it behind the tongue and this feature will push your tongue forward giving a real street vibe to it. The general sensation that you feel with these Raider that Giuly H holds in her hands is that you’re wearing lightweight sensible shoes. True is that with the outsole designed with an herringbone tread you will have the right feeling with your skateboard, we are not talking about lifestyle shoes like when I first introduced you Osiris last time. The upper is made of perforated leather and so are the side panels to let your feet breath like it should. With its strong visual impact and the right features where needed to fulfill your skate needs, you are sure to fall in love with these kicks that belong to Nitro Distribution program.

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