“Talents and techniques as I speak, the weak/freak cause I’m sleak and unique” (Lakim Shabazz)

What if we stop our race for innovation for a minute and we have a friendly talk? You may be a rookie in this thing so you may not know what I’m talking about but once upon a time skateboarders were rebels. Rebelling against gravity and conformity, they refused any label beside “skater” and hated jocks. Guess what: endless amounts of money and media hype turned skateboarders into what they were against: jocks. Energy drinks entering the game and sneakers made by sporting goods companies are a clear example of how you can be turned into an “athlete” that has the same needs of… any other athlete. Osiris is not going with he flow and loves to do what feels right: a skateboard shoe designed with skateboarding in mind. If you are a die hard skater that do not want a shoe that makes you look like a soccer player or a boat owner, this Sleak is your choice. Basic in its classic style, this skateboard shoe is made using that cupsole that has been around forever. Once again I invite you to think that sometimes all the “innovation” is just thrown at you in order to keep on buying stuff. This is what you want to wear when you throw yourself down some stairs and over some rails. Put an eye on the toe: there is a layer to reinforce high abrasion areas and make them grippier. Also available in other darker colors, these shoes sent in by Nitro Distribution are ready to wear when you want to do your thing: skateboarding.

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