“Packin like a rasta in the weed spot/vocals’ll squeeze glocks, MC’s eavesdrop” (Nas)

Do you need dreads to be part of rastafarianism? Is rasta movement an underground thing? Do you need to smoke weed to be a real rasta? Don’t ask me. I remember having a rasta lace (just one) when I was a young hardcore punk on my left boot, a steel capped burgundy Dr Marteens. I bought that in Amsterdam, when I was 17. This means 26 years ago. I love those colors just because. I also thought that, since Bad Brains were half punkers and half rastamen (or were they rastas that loved punk?), it was legit to show an open mentality and support that reggae shop close to the boat where I lived when I was on holiday there. I love Bob Marley. I swear. His positive message is one of a kind and he’s a legendary leader in my opinion. This is the end of my knowledge of the rasta movement. Not enough to give you infos on it. I know that a lot of ignorant people thinks that green, yellow and red are Jamaican flag. No, son. Those colors are in Ethiopia flag. Rasta movement considers Ethiopia the new Jerusalem that’s why those are the colors of this movement. If you don’t think about all of the above for a second there is another thing to say and I’m sure you all will agree with me: those are nice colors and it’s their natural element to put them on black. To enhance this combination of colors even more you can blend them on a Urban Classics fleece varsity and you will get a fresh jacket, beyond the boundaries of religions and movements. In much simpler words, you can make what you want of this jacket, there is no “pre packed image” that you buy with it. Look at how sweet is Lucilla in these pics by Roberta Ungaro. Isn’t she adorable?! Do you have the impression of a female version of a rastafarian or of a urban girl with style and attitude? Ok, you can’t forget rasta movement, you tried hard but it was impossible. Sweet, than your reggae posse can all get this jacket and embroider its name on the front and on the back, since Urban Classsics purpose (and therefore that of their local reps Boma Agency) was even to create quality blank items to customize. Put your name on your colors. Just don’t forget to be positive while you feel this rastaman vibration.

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