Palace x Reebok ● Classic Leather Pump

Do you know why I have mad love for Palace? Ok, of course I have under my radar Jamaican skate superstar Lucien Clarke for a minute and I am crazy about the tech skills of shirtless French wonderboy Lucas Puig, but there is something else that makes me a fan of this London based squad.

Palace does not give a f___. For real. Have you ever read the descriptions of the items available on its website? They may sell a beanie and the description could be something like “Have you ever tried to walk your dog in Winter time? It’s cold without a beanie…”.

It is here that I find the OG creativity that skaters were notorious for. I’m using past tense because nowadays such element is not granted: a handful of skate companies try to be out of the ordinary at every communication attempt while others seem canonical sport teams, totally losing the witty edge.

This is why after you saw on each and every blog a few weeks ago that these Palace x Reebok Classic Leather Pump were about to drop, I will not say a word about them and the actual Pump technology featured in this style for the first time. Nossir.

Why can’t I talk to you about my first approach to United Kingdom ever? I was 19 and knee deep in a transition hardcore punk / skatepunk. In 1987 the way to communicate was through fanzines, so I was in contact with quite a few of them and one was Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension.

The Hackenbush brothers when I asked them if they knew someone that could keep me as a guest in London area, kindly invited me to go to Bristol at their headquarters.

Little did I know that they were living close to Dean Lane concrete skatepark where I had the chance to see the legendary Spex and other locals performing nonchalantly tricks in front of me that I only saw in videos before.

Imagine the joy when I saw Beano Hackenbush featured in Dean Lane documentary on Thrasher. Well those times are gone, just like these sneakers if you want to cop them from Palace website…

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