Palace x Reebok ● Pro Workout Low

This is the stuff street dreams are made of. No, don’t think Nas, because this is another story. Before you had your Drakes (Jones, that is) and even before your Stevies there was one name holding it down for the hood.

Called Kareem “The Dream” Campbell, this professional skateboarder had a pivotal role for the culture. After you had black professionals such as Steve Steadham and Ron Allen, Kareem entered the scene to change it drastically.

If Steve was the first prominent name when the subject is black vert skateboarding, Ron was the tricky skater of the H-Street squad whose skills were strictly related to the street but Kareem added an element that nobody before was able to push as he did: hip hop.

From the way he dressed to the soundtracks of its video parts Kareem was hip hop in flesh and bones. He was part of World Industries team, the closest thing to anarchy to ever happen in skateboarding. More “Doowutchyalike” rather than “Anarchy in the UK”, his skate company was all about setting the kids free to do what they felt like doing. As a matter of fact World training facility was a forge of raw talent where the evolution of street technique took off during early 90’s.

One image stands out as a portrait of that whole era: Kareem backside kickflip over the box at such TF, with “Campbell” written in graffiti as his background. Such image became a poster in Big Brother magazine and in that shot he was wearing a pair of non-skating shoes such as Reebok Pro Workout low.

Now it’s 2019, Kareem respect and love from the skate community is still strong and Palace thought of this tribute whose actual value is far from quotations on StockX or Grailed.

Collaborating with Reebok for this co-branded pair of Pro Workout Low, here in the hands of Elisabetta L, is one of the smartest move that the UK menace to (skate) society could think of.

Not that Palace did any wrong move: from its latest skate flick “Palasonic” to the recent drop that these sneakers are part of… God save other skate companies!
PS. Keep an eye on Palace YouTube channel, the Japan video is supposed to drop today…

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