Party animal

Have you ever been to the circus? Me a few times when I was a kid and of course you stumble on those shows on Xmas period, when you get magnetized by the sofa because of too much food.
The circus as a concept has animals in slavery learning tricks for your fun. This is unnatural and I do condemn it! But when you have humans that do incredible things risking their life because they chose it, I give a thumb up without a problem. Like the circus, this bunch of tees have a lot of animals featured, but they make you have fun without causing any problem to the real animals. This bunch of fun, ain’t no joke anyway, like Rakim said. A serious group of people having fun is backin this up. Saber, Dennis Kennedy, Estevan Oriol, Saelee, Sam Flores, Jeremy Fish and Munk One are their names. These people are artists, not writers with a bunch of time on their hands like the one that is typing this. Upper Playground saw the potential in them and made them shine like the sun is doing these days, on this flawless serie that is coming out this month if you live in Uncle Samland. In case you didn’t know, almost all brands have different collections for Usa or the Old Continent called Europe. Now you know. Get your barrio on with Estevan Oriol SA tee, but don’t blame it on me if you got robbed because the pitbull was only a pic on your tee. Go to a Dj Fish event with a Superfishal fancy logo tee and get him crazy jealous. Enter a gothic club and dance to the Cure “Caterpillar” like a crazy goth on acid with the Caterpillar tee on. Ask for your Batgirl to come to rescue throwing your Bat sign in the air. Rock the Dragon tee to distract people about your bad breath. Resist to the system everyday even if you’re hopeless like a bird in the mouth of a deadly snake. Hide with a fake moustache playing people like you’re Groucho Marx if you’re a powerful walrus. See? There are a bunch of tricks that we human can do with animals. It’s only a matter of pick up the right ones. Big up to the Upper Playground wild bunch for their precious hints.

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