Patta x Diadora – N 9000 Italia

Before every other thing that I may say about Patta and Diadora, I want you to know from the get go that this pair of sneakers fits like a glove. Its EVA sole unit offers stability while the mix of pigskin suede with premium nubuck and soft Italian leather is really smooth. So this combination makes the shoe comfortable to the maximum. The level of quality is untouchable here and this light colorway together with natural gum creates a sneaker with an ultra clean style. Back to us I told you when I posted the MI 84 how significant is Diadora for the history of sport. This brand is so relevant that even the Dutch grandmaster of kicks collaborations decided to put his gifted hand to it (for the second time). You all know Patta, right? The streetwear reference when it comes to sneakers and clothing in Amsterdam gave the light of day to collaborations where flavor was the keyword. Diadora knew that this was a name that they could relate to and so this N 9000 was born. Born and raised in Italy, to say it all. Pull off the laces to peep closely the tongue and you will see a “made in Italy” label stitched to it. These are sneakers that spark conversations among connoisseurs. When somebody crosses your path with these on, you are allowed to tell him “Nice kicks! Where did you get them?”, considering that eBay resellers are steaming hot with prices when it comes to this piece. N 9000 (also known as “The N”) are superior sneakers. Don’t settle for less if you think you are not an average guy…


  1. Davide Deiv Binda 3 November 2014

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