Pelle Pelle ● Alpine Sports long sleeve

Pelle Pelle has that urban 90s flavor on lock. Who else could come up with such a juicy item?! It was all a Polo Sport dream in that decade, but also Tommy Hilfiger, Helly Hansen, Nautica, Perry Ellis were there, contributing to create a scenario where in the 90s Canal Street in New York looked more of a port, rather than a section of Manhattan.

It ain’t hard to understand: those were the brands that told the world that you “came out of the hood” so now instead of dressing like a poor, you developed a taste (but most of all you were financially stable) to dress in this way.

Pelle Pelle was there already, worn by the most famous rappers, with ads on The Source magazine but who could imagine back then such a tremendous throwback? Who could envision that the decade we are talking about would have become crucial as far as influencing the current way of dressing?

With this Alpine Sports long sleeve, here worn by Elena S, Pelle Pelle wanted to celebrate in its own way that period in time: re-inventing that Polo Sport preppy style, with this tribute. Playing with the analogy Polo/Pelle, it’s easy to come up with a similar looking logo. Look at every detail and tell me if this isn’t a cut and sew item that deserves your attention.

With its contrasting color stripes sewn to define this unusual color block long sleeve, this item has all the colors that were hot back then: from forest green to yellow and of course the red, white and blue of the American flag. On subject of flags, peep those on the left sleeve that feature Denmark one in the middle. Did you forget that the European headquarters of this brand are there?

Here lies the actual strength of this brand: the genuine love for the golden age of hip hop, re-adapting that vibe to current times. Browse Pelle Pelle website far and wide and tell me if I’m wrong…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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