Pelle Pelle ● Back 2 The Basics Hoodie

Pelle Pelle belongs to streetwear world just like beats and rhymes belongs to hip hop. It’s a matter of staying true to its roots and the brand by Marc Buchanan was born in urban environment.

This brand saw the light of day after Marc pursued a career in design in Italy, he fell in love with our culture and so when he first started to produce leather jackets he called his creations with the Italian word that stands for this material: pelle.

A lot of time passed, his brand was featured with the most popular rap stars on The Source Magazine and Pelle Pelle evolved with times. Instead of living a life of its own it evolved into a urban brand that doesn’t lose its imprint but stays current anyway. That’s why instead of XXL leather jackets today we are giving a look to Back 2 The Basics Hoodie.

What’s fresher than pink this season?! Pink for men of course. Yes, I made Alexandra D wear a mens item, like I do all the time. This is the hoodie that, considering its name, has nothing to deal with the Sayagata Cut Hoodie that we saw 3 weeks ago. If that one was a cut and sew item this is a hoodie with a screen printed logo.

“Basic” may have an aura of mediocre to some but this is not the case. As you can see such hoodie shows details that make the difference. Not only you have an embroidered branding on the sleeve but also a woven label on the corner of the kangaroo pocket.

Take a closer look at the hood: not only it is doubled (and therefor more protective) but its cord has metal tips, to make this “basic hoodie” precious. Now that you saw this item distributed in Italy by Out Of Mind Dist, you’d better check the whole collection on Pelle Pelle website. It’s time to show the hood where you belong!
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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