Pelle Pelle ● Crossfit denim

Times may change, trends will evolve but nothing can move the black denim pant from the podium and Pelle Pelle knows better. Think how many times you wore those favorite black pants of yours in any situation: school, office, studio, live shows, dinners… the list is long. It’s the easy to match pant that looks good in any situation and that’s why when you find the one that fits you right, you keep on wearing it over and over.

Then after it’s not making the cut anymore it’s time to pick a new one and here the decisions to take are several. Which is the better fit? Shall I get a designer one? Or shall I be true and represent my identity? Urban luxe gets sold at you as the ultimate dream but it’s the pioneers that deserve your economical support. The architects that built this streetwear thing that didn’t go anywhere but here, since day one.

Pelle Pelle is all that. The certified origins of this brand with roots solidly planted in hip hop culture make this more than a brand, but rather a value that does not have to be lost.

That’s why for a more than correct quality price rate Crossfit Denim is ready to become your new favorite pair. Its straight fit is right in the middle: not too baggy and not skinny, giving you comfort and freedom to move.

Give a look to it closely and the reasons why this denim pant stands out is evident: no detail has been left untouched. From custom rivets, to leather patches for what concerns branding and an embroidery on the fly sets the standard of this Crossfit denim real high.

Also available as a stone washed denim pant, you should try to get this from a shop that belongs to Out Of Mind Distribution roster. No shop? No problem! Pelle Pelle service is reliable and delivers worldwide.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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