Pelle Pelle ● Duck Season Long Bomber

You may have seen Pelle Pelle in the streets before but this jacket is all but deja vu. The European section of the brand born in the 90s from a Marc Buchanan vision wants you to rock a version of the bomber that is the newest of the new.

Bombers are here to stay in the latest seasons and everybody lately is giving you its own take of the story. I’m not talking about mass distribution chain stores that want you to have a jacket in this style at an incredibly low price (with a matching incredibly low level of quality). I’m talking about people looking in thrift shop to get the original ones that started to be available in Europe around mid 60s, rather than people that are copping the popular “good ones” easy to find.

But here Pelle Pelle used the original bomber as an inspiration to create something exclusive. The cuffed hem disappeared being this Duck Season Long Bomber longer in the back, following a curve on the sides that makes this cut & sew item even more precious.

As you can see from these shots of Marcello B there is a chest pocket that makes grabbing your smartphone an easier operation.

All the details are important to make this the ultimate jacket with a strong urban appeal. From the custom zipper pulls to its red ribbon on the zipper that closes the pocket on the sleeve. While other jackets have “remove before flight” there, this one being a weapon to win all the style wars in the neighborhood suggest you to “remove before fight”.

To end it all, the icing on the cake is the black on black embroidery on the back, close to the collar. Great jacket at a totally reasonable style, I suggest you to head over to the local shop on RNG Distribution program and cop it. Duck Season is now!
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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