Pelle Pelle ● Full Camo Icon t-shirt

After the Sayagata capsule that we examined deeply last summer, Pelle Pelle is back with more smashing items. I peeped the new season and honestly I saw more than a piece that made me water at the mouth. You all know how much I am deeply tied to golden age hip hop, right? Pelle Pelle brings me back to that era with a smile but the cool thing is that the brand is not sleeping on its laurels.


Dynamic as it should, the brand by Marc Buchanan is simply giving its own version of the story when it comes to contemporary urban apparel. What would urban apparel be without camouflage?


Full Camo Icon is the name of this t-shirt that gives a fresh twist to the original pattern called Woodland Camo. This version is quite original considering that there is an abundance of black spots that aren’t like any other military camo around. Pelle Pelle Icon stands massive in the top part of the tee. Why is it orange? Connoisseurs of this kind of pattern know that if camouflage serves you to hide from birds, orange lets other hunters see you, in order to avoid their bullets.


The fresh twist that I was talking about is the cut of this t-shirt. Making its own tees according to the design of each item is not something that all the brands do. Some others buy blanks and just print over them. This is not the case: look carefully the last Michela P picture and you see clearly how the tee is longer in the back.


It’s good to see Pelle Pelle back on The Maxiemillion but stay tuned because I am just warming up. There is a lot more lined up by this brand whose Italian agent is RNG Distribution.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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