Pelle Pelle ● G.B.N.F. long sleeve t-shirt

Pelle Pelle has a deep love for hip hop. The type of love that you will never forget. Let’s not forget that this brand was at its apex in the same Golden Age of hip hop that saw the careers of Biggie and Tupac take off before their tragic deaths.

This is pretty much the topic today: death and hip hop heavyweights no longer with us. Don’t be silly to think that this is a sad thing. You have to be happy because their music is still with us and the good memories don’t leave us. It’s just another way to balance things, just like light and dark, good and bad and… life and death.

The brand founded by Marc Buchanan in 1978 thought that the fallen soldiers of rap deserved to be brought back, considering the decadence of the contemporary trap scene. I couldn’t agree more: the portraits on this G.B.N.F. long sleeve t-shirt are those that marked an era. You can find beside Biggie and Pac, Aaliyah, O.D.B., Lisa Left Eye Lopes, Heavy D, Guru, Jay Dilla, Big L, Mac Dre, Sean P and Eazy-E.

These guys could have a first class 3 days festival in heaven for all I know. Hip hop heavyweights I wrote above for a reason: they were poets and voices of the hood, giving something to believe to those that came from nothing.

On this tee worn by Alessandra A you have a mix of portraits of the above mentioned names, sublimated printed on the central part. On the top part of this unique color block tee, you have “gone” screen printed while the back says “but not forgotten”. There is nothing much to add if you really love OG hip hop: either you love this item or you couldn’t care less.

I belong to the first option and I hope you too, just like the Italian shop owners that bought this tee from Italian agent RNG Distribution.
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