Pelle Pelle ● Metal Mania

I want my readers to answer sincerely: how many of you are familiar with Pelle Pelle? If you are a rookie that just approached streetwear world it’s one thing, but the veterans coming from Golden Age of hip hop should know exactly what I am talking about.


From the numero uno Biggie Smalls to French Montana, passing by Redman and Fabulous, this brand had a long and intense love story with hip hop. As you should know by now Golden Age is over but you can’t say the same about this glorious brand.

The creative outlet of designer Marc Buchanan goes back to 1978, when he was cutting and sewing in his basement premium leather jackets. He was born in Italy that’s why he wanted to call his brand “leather leather” in Italian.

I am not here to tell you Pelle Pelle story anyway. Let me take a shortcut and I will tell you what the brand is doing in our continent nowadays. The brand has a different collection here in Europe and its goal is to make you look good, not to make you live in the past. Its hip hop edge has become a urban edge whose appeal talks a current language that me and you may easily understand.

In these pictures of Elena S you have the Metal Mania tee that is basically a flip on a Def Leppard tour t-shirt. It seems that vintage rock tees trend is on fire and so is the craftsmanship of this tee, whose hem is slightly longer on the back. Get in touch with RNG Distribution to let your store carry this legendary brand!

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