Pelle Pelle ● Real G’s t-shirt

“Cause I’m the E-A-Z-Y-E and, this is the season / to let the real motherfuckin’ G’s in” is one of the many epic bars that Eazy-E dropped after that he had beef with NWA in that joint “Real Muthaphuckkin G’s”. Most of all saw that Straight Outta Compton movie when it dropped but I felt this phenomenon at another level. I was skateboarding and me and my friends went from the skate punk phase to become later on hip hop fans. So we felt the power of this G-Funk joint when it dropped and it was devastating at the time.


I was in between: I loved NWA classics but at the same time that Eazy joint got me hooked so I decided that I shouldn’t take a position and enjoy both. Eazy was an iconic figure in gangsta rap: his way of flowing rhymes flow perfectly, blending with the vocal tones of other NWA MCs plus he was legit like no other. A pimp and an outlaw, this LA gangster made his own rules and just because of his determination to “f___ the Police” he gets all my love.


Pelle Pelle has a knowledge like no other when ic comes to timeless icons belonging to hip hop culture. Don’t you remember when I showed you those Prodigy from Mobb Deep and Nas t-shirts in the same post? Peeping Pelle Pelle t-shirt section you will find subjects by the likes of Tupac and Biggie, ODB, Will Smith but also Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye West, A$ap Rocky and A$ap Ferg among others.


This Real G’s t-shirt worn by Sally B is ready to roll in your neighborhood with ghetto finesse, stating who your hero is. Beside its front print there is a level of details that confirms that Pelle Pelle wants you to look good in the hood.


Look at its woven label close to the bottom and the branding on the back and tell me if this tee doesn’t make you water at the mouth… Learn a lesson from the E/Stay in your place and order online real motherfuckin G’s! on Pelle Pelle website.
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