Pelle Pelle ● Recognize t-shirt

Pelle Pelle takes care of all the aspects of urban life. There are many facets of the style that Marc Buchanan brand represents and it’s safe to say that it covers them all brilliantly. We deal with Pelle Pelle for a couple of seasons now and this streetwear brand showed us already what it is capable of.

From the Alpine Sports long sleeve that was bringing back sporty vibe from the 90s to the clean Duck Season long bomber, from the sneakerhead tee Weed For Speed to the fresh Back 2 The Basics pink hoodie you have quite a few different situations where Pelle Pelle makes you shine. But the question is: what if it’s time to put together a serious outfit for the club?

With the experience of a brand that saw the light of day in 1978 with the first leather jacket ever designed and a strong penchant for hip hop culture, the clubbing situation is not a problem.

Give a look to this Recognize t-shirt and there is only one thing that you can do: recognize that this brand nailed it with this luxe lifestyle tee.

Very different from an average t-shirt, this one worn here by Alessia M is a sort of color block with a strong gold foil branding. If you think that the golden touch is amazing wait until you see the premium 3d embossed craftsmanship that says “The Last brand standing Est. 1978 Detroit”. It’s black on black so it’s very discreet, giving the right contrast to the shiny “in your face” gold branding.

If I was you, I would go clubbing with this tee in a full black outfit with a mean gold chain and if you manage to get a touch of gold in your sneakers too it would be seriously next level. Get in touch with Pelle Pelle new italian Distributor Out Of Mind if reaching the next level is all you worry about…
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