Pelle Pelle ● Sayagata Block T-shirt

Pelle Pelle saga continues, I may say, but actually this is the last post concerning Summer 17 dedicated to Sayagata items. Do you remember that we saw Sayagata Rmx hoodie, then Slice of Hell t-shirt, then Sayagata Pointer Rmx t-shirt? I kept my favorite as the last one and here it is, in these pictures of Elena S.

Sayagata Block t-shirt puts the extra mile to the average color block style. Instead of being divided in three different colors only, this one has a sharp insert on the sides. The brand founded by Marc Buchanan went hard on this tee, giving also a current design to the hem that is shorter on the front and longer on the back.

Hip hop fans love to have a style that makes them shine, all in the name of bragging and being the king. Considering that this brand in the 90’s was worn by nothing but kings, it’s only natural that its European division developed by Too Shy distribution wants the best for your style.

What is truly 90s inspired in this item is the big Pelle Pelle logo in the center block. Big and bold, there to show from the get go what you are all about: loud urban beats and fly parties. I gotta say that the European division made a good job in what is the hard task of carrying the legacy of such an iconic brand but keeping up with times, not making it look a stale thing.

Stay tuned because I will show you in the near future some more Pelle Pelle apparel and in the meantime tell your shop to get in touch with the Italian agent RNG Distribution. There is no other way to get down with the old school in such a fresh way.

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