Pelle Pelle ● Sayagata Cut Hoodie

It’s like when a movie gets major success: what can ever stop the producers to create a sequel? That’s what happened with this Pelle Pelle hoodie. Considering that last season this urban brand created a successful item very similar to this, it has been reissued in different colors.

It was last Summer when I first showed you Sayagata Rmx hoodie, a brilliant cut and sew color block fleece. That item blended in an original way a top part with a black on black allover print. History repeats and this Sayagata Cut Hoodie is designed along the same guidelines but this colorway with the central red block is a bit more effective. Let’s say it’s a bit more “in your face.

Look at these pictures of Evelyn V and what I just said becomes evident. The hood is urban luxe to the fullest while the red accent gives it attitude. All this plus a proper branding on the corner of the kangaroo pocket: tell me if this isn’t the definition of fresh?!

Think how many possibilities you have to match this hoodie with sneakers with the same color palette. That’s in the DNA of the brand: aesthetically speaking, matching outfits and looking good in the city where two essential elements when hip hop was born. March Buchanan, the founder of Pelle Pelle was born and raised in this environment so the European division of this brand, that calls Too Shy headquarters home, carries on tradition.

At the same time, this tradition got updated, with contemporary fits and current inspiration that make Pelle Pelle relevant. Out Of Mind Distribution noticed this too, that’s why it recently became the new distributor of this brand for Italy. Get in touch with them and follow their Instagram page to be updated with their proposal.

Just like any movie ends with credits, here let me tell you to go check Pelle Pelle website that will let you turn into any urban character that you want…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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