Pelle Pelle ● Sayagata Pointer Rmx t-shirt

“Ain’t nothing but a Sayagata party” Snoop would say. The Pelle Pelle serie that uses this Sayagata pattern is quite wide so I had the chance to check out another ill item of this kind. I say another for a reason, you newcomer: I already posted a t-shirt and a hoodie that put this pattern to a good use.

Made of interlocking manji, a Sayagata design evokes spiritual aspects with strong ties to Buddhism. Beside this, it kind of looks like the original Greek design that a worldwide Italian high fashion brand used on its creations for decades. This means that for every mythologic party, you know what to wear.

Of course you can wear your Sayagata Pointer Rmx t-shirt whenever you feel like but I talked about partying basically because… it’s Pelle Pelle. Born from a Marc Buchanan vision, this brand found its natural terrain in hip hop golden age. This doesn’t mean that it lives in the past: as you can see from these pictures of Alessandra B, Pelle Pelle is current and willing to play with what is hot now.

I’m talking about a color block basic concept that here evolves into a cut and sew item. The pattern is limited to the black part at the bottom while grey is the triangle on the side and white is the top.

Get in touch with RNG Distribution, the Italian agent for European distributor Too Shy if your store wanna carry this glorious brand. Show how much evolved is your taste without losing touch with your roots: the maze is just printed on this tee and not in your thoughts.

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