Pelle Pelle ● Slice Of Hell t-shirt

I remember that Raekwon joint that goes like “What do you believe in? Heaven or hell?/You don’t believe in heaven cause we’re livin’ in hell” like it came out yesterday. But this is something that you gotta believe in 100% since Pelle Pelle is your warranty of realness.

Born from a March Buchanan vision, this brand saw the rise and the fall of the whole golden age hip hop movement. Nowadays Pelle Pelle maintains its urban edge but it changed a bit, adjusting to fit the times we live in. The European division of this brand is distributed by the Danish Too Shy, a veteran in our continent for what concerns street style with strong links to hip hop.

Back to those lyrics from Raekwon, this item worn by Claudia S is called Slice Of Hell probably because it is sliced in three and it’s… hella fresh. With the same black on black maze pattern that we saw recently on the other Sayagata Rmx hoodie, this t-shirt is working on the color block style very originally. Usually you have three different color bands laying horizontally while here the cut of the lowest block is slightly diagonal.

With its front pocket crossing over the two top blocks you can easily tell that it is a cut & sew t-shirt far from average, ready to make you shine at the club, like in everyday life.

With all these newborn rookie brands of the streetwear game, only OG brands have a genuine taste. For all those that still have the fever for the flavor, get in touch with Italian agent RNG Distribution to see if there is a cure…

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