Pelle Pelle ● Soda Club Hoodie

There is no such thing as too much Pelle Pelle, right? The brand that during the 90s in its first wave dressed all your golden age hip hop heroes stayed true to what happened in the streets, evolving with a current taste and morphing into a contemporary streetwear brand whose flavor can be more or less spicy, adapting to what you love to wear.

It is here in my recent posts that I showed you how versatile this brand can be, passing from the clean sporty vibe of the Linear t-shirt to the gritty Wu Tang collaboration capsule and now I have the chance to show you a hoodie quite different from the previous two items.

The deep knowledge of the brand for what concerns hoodies that aren’t average screen printed basics is not new to us. If you remember the Sayagata serie that I posted here a couple of seasons ago you know what I mean. The focus of the designer with this Soda Club Hoodie is on an unusual felt appliques craftsmanship. Take a glorious brand born in Detroit in 1978, turn it into a successful bar called Pelle Pelle Soda Club and you have the freshest “fake merchandising” hoodie ever.

Made of a thick fleece, this item has front and back and back teal and orange appliqués carefully zig zag stitched. It is its retro Americana inspired graphics to make the difference, like the Soda Club was an old Las Vegas bar from the 70s. Every detail counts here, even branding on the black ton sur ton metal enameled eyelets of the cord of the hoodie.

Look carefully these shots of Ilaria V and you will even see the initials of founder Marc Buchanan at the bottom of the back applique.

Are you in love with Pelle Pelle at this point? How could it be any different?! Get in touch with Italian distributor Out Of Mind to know where the nearest shop is but you can also consider to cop this online: Pelle Pelle website is open 24/7
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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