Pelle Pelle ● Vintage Sports Jersey + Shorts

Pelle Pelle has a lethal combination for your Summer. The brand born from a Marc Buchanan vision that was heavily on the map during the 90s is now fresher than it ever was. Playing with words is a natural choice for a brand born and raised in hip hop but the combination of factors here is one of a kind.

Isn’t everybody getting more and more into sportswear with a retro appeal? Isn’t everybody always looking for apparel from those brands that paved the way to the current “street/sport” crossover?


For a curious analogy Pelle Pelle sounds like one of those brands hence Pelle Sport was born. I showed you Alpine Sports Long Sleeve tee from this division a few months ago and these are two other items with a strong sport attitude.


Being the roots of this brand firmly planted in hip hop the inspiration for these items came from basketball, the sport that influenced this culture the most, from its champs to its sneakers.


Called respectively Vintage Sports Jersey and Vintage Sports Shorts, these two mesh items here modeled by Luis M are sold separately.


Let me elaborate a bit: if you are hitting a basketball court you can make it look like a team uniform and there is nothing wrong about it, just like these shots show you but the real fun begins off court.


These are great items to mix and match. How about wearing the sleeveless top with a pair of army pants? Or the shorts with an Hawaiian shirt? The possibilities are several and these color block items are ready for some Summer fun just like you.


No matter how you represent urban style in your outfits: browsing Pelle Pelle website you will find a few appealing items for sure. If you are a Wu Tang fan then, give a look to this flamboyant Pelle Pelle x Wu Tang collection. Get in touch with Italian distributor Out Of Mind: they know all about it
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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