Pelle Pelle x Wu Tang ● Shimmy Shimmy t-shirt

I can’t stay off for long from Pelle Pelle. The European department of this brand has strong connection with hip hop and to me there is nothing like the golden age of said movement. In that period during the mid 80s all through mid 90s the energy was incomparable to any other. I truly don’t know if it was because of a stars alignment but that was a unique era where countless legendary album dropped.

One among them all marked the way I looked at hip hop back then and it was Enter The Wu Tang (36 chambers). My first time in New York was 1994 and I was just a random Euro guy looking for musical entertainment and some absolute apparel amazement. At this club I was witnessing my first Big Apple event and the fact that people knew all the hooks in every song the DJ was spinning make me happy from inside in a way I never felt before.

When the DJ played Wu Tang the club went nuts, and there it was the first time that I witnessed in person the full potential of swinging Shaolin swords. I got into that album like crazy and even if all members fascinated me, ODB had that outsider flavor that got me curious. Fast forward to 1995 and there I was, at Rotefabrik in Zurich, checking out live ODB and Buddha Monk.

The hype was real as ODB performed an unforgettable show where he rapped all his joints from Return to the 36 Chambers including Shimmy Shimmy Ya. We went home not believing what we saw and I was an ODB fan ever since.

You should be a fan too and rock a Shimmy Shimmy t-shirt part of the Pelle Pelle x Wu Tang capsule. I showed you recently the Batlogo Mix Hoodie that belongs to this capsule but this is an item with a lot of potential, from the club to the skatepark everybody will show you love. Just like as I just showed love to ODB…
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