Philo – Patch Case iPhone 6 + Numbers & Symbols expansion pack

So Santa Claus brought you an iPhone 6 and it feels magic, right? Never ever a digital tool like that made you feel like you are on top of the world. Like any valuable possession you want to protect it, isn’t it? Once again Philo has the right solution for you. When cases are too thin they’re worthless, when they are too bulky they are not easy to slip in your pocket. And again, which style suits your mood? Custom photographic cases? They look good but they don’t protect your phone like they should. Monochromatic rubber cases? After a while this solution gets boring. Philo had a vision to create something that goes at the same pace of our times. Fast times where social media get all the attention inspired the designers to create something that is like a timeline. Don’t get me wrong: you can’t share pictures and YouTube clips on this case but… you can update your status. Feeling alright? Send your love to the world like Serenella M does here. Bad vibes? Let the world know that it’s better if they talk you another day. This Patch Case for iPhone 6 has a velcro back where you can write what you want with 30 letters of the alphabet included. If you feel like you can even upgrade this with the Number & Symbols Expansion Pack here in these pictures or with another pack of Alphabet or even with B&W Emoji. L10 Trading is the distributor behind this innovative brand so get Philo while it’s hot: you have to keep the world updated with your mood on daily basis. Pictures courtesy of Ryzio.

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