Philo – Spool cable + Airshock case for iPhone 6

Do you remember Philo? The charging cable for iPhone with a wooden spool is too nice to be forgotten, even if I posted it here last March. With my pleasure I see that the hard work at the design department of L10 Trading paid off with the result of a major development of the Philo collection. The Italian distributor of hi-tech gadgets and accessories focused on it and its vision is new and improved. Philo now also has iPhone cases and earplugs as part of this brand, so you can create cohesive kits that will support with strength and loyalty your much loved digital devices. Now you can keep all the cable in check, rolled onto its spool so it won’t be all over the place but this brand had the intuition that things cold go farther. That’s why for each of the six colors of the new spool there are 3 different cases: Snapcase, Airshock and Bumper. Why is the spool new? Like it happens with clothing collections, Philo is made of another material this time, softer and literally indestructible. These pictures of Serenella M show you the Spool Cable together with the Airshock Case. See how fresh is the impact of these two pieces together? Bringing a vitamin flavored vibe to your accessories, this color is as 80s as it gets but if your style is more toned down don’t worry: black and also white are part of the six colors of the range. The perfect Christmas gift is here, on Philo web page. Stay tuned because I have some more from Philo to show you after Christmas… Pictures courtesy of Ryzio.

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