Pina Colada ● Capsule Surf t-shirt

I am no Wikipedia but an individual with a strong passion for street fashion. This means that usually my posts could be conceived in three different ways. I may not know much about what I have to write about and in this case I have to do my researches. Then there are other cases where I may know a lot but I still need to look for a few missing details. Then I have posts like these that I can write in one go because, very simply, I saw it happen from the start under my eyes.

I started to shoot this girl in my posts last season and she was accustomed to the streetwear world for a reason: it’s a family affair. By this I mean that her family runs a shop where surfing and skateboarding (especially of the surf skate type) are the main characters. Because of this she gave a go to surfing and felt like it’s her driving force, her way to reach the truth that lies between the waves.

After a recent trip to Portugal, her main place to feel inspired, she felt the call and she bought her first official surfboard. One thing leads to another and this made her come home with a sparkle: create her own surfwear brand.

Following the Drake plan she started from the bottom, conceptualizing the brand with the name of her deck and making the first t-shirt with the logo that represents her state of mind.

Welcome to Pina Colada, the brand by Kim Martelli that for the occasion is modeling her own t-shirt. Printed on the front with the word Mahalo written in bamboo and on the back with the logo of the brand, this tee shows a genuine love for an environment that becomes a reason to live and for this reason alone you should show support by any means. Repost this review but most of all cop online Pina Colada Capsule Surf t-shirt at K&K Garage.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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