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If there is a category of items that is in very good health, we must be talking about backpacks. Think about it: if there are more and more laptops, how do you transport this crucial piece of your digital life? The world is continuously moving and for one reason or another you are always carrying with you your most important database.

Fond Of Bags is the name that regroups different brands of next generation backpacks for the urban commuter. Two of these are distributed by Fresco Distribution and therefor last summer they already had their time to shine on The Maxiemillion. I am talking about Cubik backpack by Pinq Ponq and the messenger bag by Aevor called Aurora.

We go back to check an item by Pinqponq today: the versatile Klak. A visionary backpack for sure, it brings us to one important reflection. There is no such thing as “the perfect backpack”: like your car is functional to what to do and the area where you live, a backpack is strictly related to what you need it for.

If you go on holiday you need a big bag but if go to work with it, you only carry your laptop, your magazine and a few documents, you need Klak backpack.

Called onomatopoeically because of the noise it does when the magnetic flap closes, this item follows PinqPonq general philosophy of recycling and eco sustainability. With a capacity expandable from 13 to 18 liters, the waterproof fabric of this Klak is made with almost 30 PET bottles.

Keep everything in its place: beside your laptop there is an internal tablet pocket and the zippered front pocket. Another unusual feature are the flat shoulder straps. Why should you have them padded to carry such a lightweight baggage piece?

Another post, another killer item but if you go browse Pinqponq website you will find plenty more to choose.
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