pinqponq ● Cubik Large

Fresco Distribution is always on the hunt for next level brands and when pinqponq was born of course the good people there secured the distribution for Italy of these funky fresh backpacks.

Life keeps on changing so your backpack has to be responsive to the times we are in otherwise you would be carrying a plastic bag, right? pinqponq is a fresh wind of change for what concerns commuters luggage because it added an important element to fashion and function that you don’t find elsewhere: eco-sustainability.

This brand took a stance against plastic waste and… turned PET bottles into a raw material.

Its backpacks are entirely made of recycled bottles. Like this wasn’t enough pinqponq is a recognized bluesign® system partner. This means that no toxic chemical ends up in the supply chain.

There is more: belonging to Fair Wear Foundation, this brand supports workers, making sure that workplace conditions are verified and even improved if necessary.

The brand from Cologne designed several brilliant solutions for your everyday life and today we give a look to the Cubik Large backpack worn here by Giulia Z. Don’t let the funny colors fool you: this backpack is excellent. Tough like a shell, it has huge zippers with even bigger pulls and all the protection that you ask for your laptop is there, in that padded 15″ pocket.

More compartments, more fun: this compact item has all the pockets you need to find first try everything you throw in your backpack.

Go check pinqponq website and get stoked on all the color variations of the Cubik. But there are plenty more styles…

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