pinqponq ● Cubik Medium Tape Olive

There are levels to this streetwear thing. The recent New Luxury wave that is sneaking in our world allows conformist people that once were our opponents to blend in, confusing things but streetwear comes from the street. There are exclusive brands that for a matter of perceived value (read “brainwashing by the main online magazines)” make people think that they are essential and authentic but please… wake up: streetwear is not an elite thing, economically speaking.

To be proud of a backpack for how much it costs (and it probably isn’t organized with as many pockets as this one) is not street: it’s flossing. Showing off. We are a community therefore we shall support each other, not put our peers in shame.

Streetwear without culture is just fashion, said Bobby Hundreds and I couldn’t agree more. There is a sort of absence of roots in the current state of the street panorama and this pinqponq backpack gives me the occasion to go deeper on this topic. Cubik Medium Tape Olive is a superior backpack. I say this for several reasons: its composition, design and effectiveness are exactly what the planet needs now.

The need to recycle is street. The knowledge of what we wear and where it comes from is street. This item, like all the others by pinqponq, puts the accent on the process that allows this backpack to be made with recycled PET bottles. Let me add: its craftsmanship takes place in factories whose work conditions are certified by Fair Wear Foundation, using sustainable products following bluesign® system protocol. For the vegans out there pinqponq went the extra mile and made PETA certify that most of its production (except where it’s specified) does not have any animal components.

Now you start to have a clear vision after my long intro: streetwear is what you wear it and why you wear it, it shouldn’t be how much it cost to make people jealous. They should look at you with a sort of positive envy when you wear this accessory courtesy of Fresco Distribution, knowing that it’s not cheap but at the same time buying it wouldn’t cost half their salary.

If you want to know more about the backpack I ran out of space but luckily I posted here another Cubik in 2017 that has a different colorway but almost identical features, so you may read that review instead.
Always remember: stay true to the streets, don’t get brainwashed.
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