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There are many reasons that lead you to chose a pinqponq item but one thing is sure: the designs of this luggage brand from Germany are all captivating. You can tell that the level of progression of this brand, part of Fond Of Bags, is really high but there are several factors that make this brand stand out, beside design.

pinqponq made its mission to be totally eco sustainable. Beside keeping control of the level of the work environment in Vietnam where this bag is produced, its raw material is recycled PET that becomes polyester. Yes, while your friends keep on alarming other friends on social medias on the danger of plastic in our oceans, this brand went for affirmative action, taking matters into its own hands.

This lead to a functional range for all the different urban needs, as I showed you already with my posts on pinqponq. Today I am showing you Extrik, the latest item by this brand, kindly sent in by Fresco Distribution.

Put your wallet in the front pocket and all your camera equipment inside, keeping all of them in their place thanks to its waterproof zippers.

Versatile as you want, you can adapt its space to the accessories of the camera that you need to keep with you, easily moving the dividers thanks to its velcro straps.

The level of innovation goes the extra mile here, as you can also detach the camera bag from the slimmer hip bag hidden behind. Vecro straps once again are the solution that allows all this to happen in a fast and secure way.

You can wear only the slimmer hip bag with the jacquard branding on its strap if you feel like: it has a zippered hidden pocket inside.

Outcome: this pinqponq item is ready for the future. Tell your nearest shop that it is time to carry this brand before plastic invades our cities too…

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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