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pinqponq is not new to The Maxiemillion and each time it returns with some items, courtesy of Fresco Distribution, is with something functional out of the ordinary.

The German brand part of the Fond Of Bags group puts innovative designs, recycling and sustainable production as priorities with a trademark style that makes its collection being instantly recognizable.

Based on a logo made of two round dots (an evident reference to ping pong balls), we saw this branding for the first time with Cubik Large backpack in 2017, followed shortly after by another backpack called Klak. Even pinqponq hip bags are not new to The Maxiemillion. Before this Tetrik Construct Black that we are checking out today, last year we saw the photographer hip bag called Extrik, with its detachable padded dividing panels.

Tetrik is a hip bag that you can of course wear as a crossbody bag (like it’s supposed to be these days) and it has three main pockets plus one with a zipper hidden in the back. Its silhouette is inspired by the current utility trend where the more the pockets, the better it is.

There is also a handle on top, in case you feel like carrying it instead of wearing it. In order to have a clean look and avoid straps from hanging, there is also a little pocket to hide the hip belt. Its silhouette is inspired by the current utility trend where the more the pockets, the better it is.

Its look is flawless evidently, but what sets this item apart is its contribution to the environment. Made of a smooth and matte fabric Pure Woven is a combination of current sophistication with high performance. The fabric that this bag, with a 5.7l capacity, is made of comes from 14,2 recycled PET-bottles, so you don’t find them in the Oceans. With a PFC-free water and stain repellent treatment on the top, this bag has a a sustainable water-resistant finish.

So in case you aren’t familiar with this much en vogue accessory you may figure out that of course you may find cheaper hip bags around but this is your ticket to make the world a better place. Don’t go on holiday without it!

Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi
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