Pintrill x ’47 ● Paris Croissant Clean Up MF

Here we are, back in the Parisian café… I mean, back on The Maxiemillion, to check more of that collaboration that we first saw yesterday with Federica B. You hear of many collabs nowadays, it’s one of the easiest ways to activate that word of mouth engagement that is so effective in the hearts of fans of the brands.

In our case the many fans of the stellar pins designed by Pintrill merged with the large sportswear audience of ’47 for six headwear pieces that have no equal. The concept of creating a pin to complete an embroidery on the side of a Clean Up snapback is something superior and I couldn’t be more stoked on the snapback that we see here today.

I am a huge Kanye West fan. No I don’t own any Yeezy kicks but I know “30 hours” by heart and I do know that this counts! We all have heard that joint “I am a God” where Kanye speaks his mind letting his ego over inflate to the maximum. That is the track that made everybody think “What is Kanye tripping about?!” when he dropped that bar that says “Hurry up with my damn croissants!”.

Even at Pintrill headquarters that bar left a mark. That’s why the designers turned it into a mind-blowing strapback. Peep how nice is that embroidered breakfast scenario with a little plate just waiting its croissant pin. In the first picture you even have a taste of how the black bag of this Paris Croissant Clean Up MF looks.

There are four more caps available on ’47 website including two made of bleached denim so if your plan is to become the God of caps, you know where to start.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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