Pintrill x ’47 ● Tokyo Hot Ramen Clean Up MF

We all know the passion for sports that ’47 impersonates but what if the challenge this time is to think outside the box for a collaboration? No stranger to brilliant concepts (remember the Black Fives collaboration? How about the Yankees x Supreme capsule?), this time the sportswear brand from Boston is playing a game of chess with Pintrill.


Let’s take a step back. Pins are hot like never before. I don’t know if your passion for streetwear is deep enough to notice this. Sometimes what is obvious to me… it totally isn’t for other people but here I am to open doors of unknown worlds. Gone are the days of the round cheap badge, now it’s time for shining little pins that represent with the utmost degree of detail what you love or what makes you laugh or simple where you belong.


Pintrill is the undisputed champ in this field and the people behind marketing department at ’47 know this very well. That’s why this capsule took place with an amazing concept: to pair cities all around the world with its typical food and build on this with hidden meanings. All this manifests with a fine embroidery on the side of a ’47 Clean Up cap that to be complete needs a Pintrill piece.


Today we have the Tokyo Hot Ramen Clean Up MF, that pairs the typical Japanese bowl with the Pintrill pin “Souped Up”. Its slang meaning seems to be “pumped up” or something like that.


The embroidery is top level and the cap keeps up with this standard: its strapback closure is made of the same alcantara that you find under the visor. Now if this doesn’t leave you thrilled…
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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