Pitti Immagine Uomo ● Spring Summer 20

Going to Pitti Immagine Uomo is getting a habit that I wouldn’t turn down for no reason. It’s a trade show officially but it’s also a reason to have a quick traveling experience, it’s a way to meet halfway people that live far from me and, last but not least, a crucial tool to forecast what’s to come in next seasons.

Good news from Kangol, the OG sportswear brand whose iconic Bermuda hat is a favorite around here. The brand “Born in England, Raised on the Streets of New York” has now an Italian distributor called Number 15, so you know you will start to see these caps around more and more.

I always have to check out my friends over at Hype and to my surprise there were two girls from Twinkle that made my visit more interesting. Here you have Patasfrullila rocking a totally reflective Hype cap while DJ Sir K was there, providing the proper urban soundtrack to my visit. This brand from UK is on the rise since it has found a valid distributor in Interjeans.

A quick visit to Superdry was all I needed to have a couple of confirmations. Not only this Interjeans lifestyle brand is in great shape but I saw that its camouflage items are here to stay with new progressive patterns. Here I am having a laugh with Max P and one of Superdry main men, Strike.

Herschel Supply Co. is getting me on my toes lately for the delicate attention that it is giving to travel as a concept. Many more accessories faced up (travel pillow anyone?!) from this Blue Distribution brand. Smashing colorways that include neon colors, animal prints and tie dye were those that caught my eye.

News from RNG Distribution camp include Primitive Skateboards new collection. Paul Rodriguez brand is solid more than before and beside a team of untouchable pro skaters, whose names are on its skate decks, endless Californian influences are present in Primitive sharp apparel collection.

Clae, another brand distributed by Blue can’t miss from my Pitti tour and there it was, with a bunch of new styles. News include a sort of knitted upper material that has been developed with recyclable waste from the sea but my eye can’t move much from the Edwin, my favorite style these days. Here you have a preview of the colorways that are supposed to come.
Diadora had all types of sneakers in full display and from what I saw it is evident that the Italian brand will pursue its path of excellence, using premium materials only. Beside this, its contemporary versions of archival products will be the ultimate chunky sneakers.

Asfvlt Sneakers are making a name for themselves all over Europe. The Parisian brand fuses trends and experience, giving you chunky silhouettes designed with a skateboarding background. The result is original and captivating as you can see from these three shots. The brand is looking for a new distributor, in case you are interested…

Element caught me by surprise with a clean looking booth where the main part was the collaboration with National Geographic. Slightly shifting the focus of the brand from skateboarding towards eco sustainability, its collection is destined to appeal more and more people, with other interesting collaborations scheduled.

Edwin is the new brand that joined Blue Distribution roster is , as I told you in my last Pitti Report. The booth had a massive presence displaying the finest japanese denim, close to leisure wear that included these steaming hot t-shirts designed by Apollo Thomas.  I am sure I made you curious with this report and I bet I will see you at next edition to see which direction streetwear is taking…

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