“(I just want to celebrate) Like we won the Power Ball money/(I just want to celebrate) Tony Starks won an Oscar y’all” (Ghostface Killah)

You know that I love to be in the mix when it’s time to celebrate the good life and this time I had more than a reason to attend. R-Evolution was the event that was on everybody’s lips when it comes to this edition of the worldwide trade show called Pitti Immagine. Brini Fashion Agent, Wait Magazine and Profile Expo joined forces in an event that has nothing to deal with your average “free drinks, let’s party” type of thing. Villa Strozzi park in Florence includes this beautiful location called Palazzo della Limonaia that worths the visit in itself with all its stateliness. R-Evolution was a mini trade show with a few brands exposing their collections (including my contacts Brooklyn Haze and Pietro Ferrante). Much attention was also given to street art and photography since my homie Muriel, Wag Lab, The Don Gallery and Drago Lab were there to meet friends and enjoy the unique chill vibe, much welcomed in these stressful days. All this needed some quality music and you know you can’t go wrong when art direction is in the hands of Wag Lab’s very own Alby. He brought along the talented veteran of the 1s and 2s that goes by the name of DJ Skizo with the company of the female DJs duo known as Pinknoise Kollective and the MC in charge was Adriana Hamilton. Peep my pictures and enjoy the good times of a smooth event that had an intensity of its own that of course I look forward to attend next time. The party is not over anyway: you can attend another event there tonight, just in case..

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