Pizza Skateboards ● Emoji Polo Hat

I kept on hearing about Pizza Skateboards but I was slacking on getting updated on this new company then one day reality hit me in the face. Real hard. I’m talking about Chase Webb opener part on The Flat Earth, the skate video by grandmaster Ty Evans. Chase pushed the limit of what was possible on a skateboard in an exponential way, skating handrails like there was no tomorrow. Long, super long, kinked or curved? No problem, our hero skates it all.

Then in the same video you get to witness Michael Pulizzi skate skills. This other Pizza team rider has that light footed approach to technical skating that makes his footage stand out. So with this alone I had figured out what this skate team was all about: putting the names of its riders on the map. Then last April Pizza “Thaw and Order” video dropped and then I had no more doubt left: Pizza is a rad skate brand.

It makes me laugh to be honest, thinking about all those guys sitting at a table deciding what the name of the brand should be. “How should we call our company, being true to who we are?”somebody asked. Then probably another question like: “What do you like the most, guys?” and the name Pizza surfaced.

Beside the above tale that is nothing but fiction, all the rest is true: Pizza rips and same for its soft goods. This Emoji Polo Hat white is the ultimate dad cap, with its curved visor and its mini embroidery, just like a Polo cap back in the 90s. How about the brass little buckle? Peep these pictures of Elena S and tell me if there is anything out of place in this headwear piece.

Simple but effective, this cap is true skateboarding represented to the fullest. Feel free to discover all the Pizza range available through RNG Distribution but let me warn you: it’s delicious.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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