Pleasure Skateboards ● #kingrobot

Is there something that I forgot about this Pleasure Skateboards serie? I don’t think so but let’s see it together step by step with the help of this #kingrobot deck.


Pleasures is a core skate snow shop in Milan owned by Cristian and Mattia. If the second is a passionate snowboarder, Cristian is a skater that placed 9th at 1993 Munster Euro skate contest. This alone says a lot on how much this shop is legit.


If carrying the latest in skate hardware wasn’t enough Pleasure joined forces with another OG of the Italian skate game that goes by the name of Nico Stumpo to create a Pleasures Skateboards brand. Being the latter a skilled designer with a passion for anime and progressive graphic design such alliance was a sure shot from the start.


The serie is posted entirely on The Maxiemillion now: #madskull, #dragonlotus and #pennywisecircus are available in several measures as I specified in each post. #kingrobot width, according to your favorite type of skating and to the length of your feet, may be 8.1, 8,25, 8,38 and 8,5 inches.


Like this accuracy wasn’t enough to state officially how seriously this brand takes skateboarding, there is a whole team of young skaters representing the brand in a way that reminds me a lot early World Industries vibe. By this I mean that all I see on Pleasures Skateboards Instagram is genuine skate passion without too many resources and huge budgets.


If this isn’t enough to make you curious about this milestone in Milan skate shops there is more: next Saturday this shop will be the theater of the Spitfire video “Arson Dept.” premiere (followed by a best trick contest in front of the shop) that features a roster of top pros and ams including Milan best son Jacopo Carozzi, that will be attending the event. Now that this serie is all posted here I can’t wait for the next serie that will drop later on in 2019. Wait, maybe I wasn’t supposed to say this… Well, I just did it.
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