Pleasure Skateboards ● #pennywisecircus

Today we venture inside a territory where we stepped already: it’s the third installment of the Pleasure Skateboards saga. After we saw #madskull two months ago and #dragonlotus last month now we are dealing with the third deck that belongs to this first serie.

I didn’t write first by accident: Cristian Palmiotto, the brain behind this operation, told me that this serie is just the beginning and more is planned for the future. The whole operation is the result of an opportunity that surfaced organically and it would have been a total waste to leave it alone.

Cristian loves skateboarding for decades now. Street technician from the early days (is it him that taught his team member Jade Mendoza how to half flip casper? He had those on command like 25 years ago), a contest skater that placed his name among the best of them getting 9th place in Munster 1992 edition, he has a friend whose name is Nico. Also known by his Instagram name @thisisarobot, Nico Stumpo is another OG of the Italian skate scene whose japan grabs left a mark in my memory, let alone the good times we had at Munster in another edition whose year I frankly can’t remember.

Nico has a vivid imagination, an authentic sense of fun as a goal when he draws and a penchant for perfection that make him a solid artist. It’s the latest aspect that he shares with Cristian: the need to put out a perfect product that could only bring thumbs up to the final count.

This #pennywisecircus skateboard deck has a mid concave and it’s available in several sizes from 8.1 to 8.5 inches. As you can say from these shots of Nicole it’s another smashing graphic design and the deck technically speaking is not any less that level.

I told you last time that this deck is only available through Pleasures Skate Snow Shop but it seems that now even Bastard Store is carrying Pleasures Skateboards. Don’t hesitate and don’t hate: relate (and cop this deck where you feel like).

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