Pleasures Skateboards ● #madskull

Word is out on the streets for a couple of weeks and now I am able to give you the news: Pleasures Skateboards is now a reality. Out of Pleasures shop, one of the few real skateshops in Milan, there are four skateboard decks designs available in several sizes.

Why do I dare to say “real skateshops” these days of corporate skateboarding is real simple: co-owner Christian Palmiotto has under his belt a 9th place at Munster Monster Mastership when they had European skaters edition in 1992.

I was there with Muriel doing my thing as a skate journalist for XXX Skateboard Magazine and I witnessed in person the onslaught that Christian was capable of. Pressure flip transfers over the hip, feeble grinds on rails and boned tail grab transfers on command were under the feet of the man now known as General Palma. May I add? Skating with your friends is not like skating in a huge sports hall full with people. But Christian was determined and he came home as a champ.

Nowadays he is still busy skating and running his shop and he knows what makes the difference when skateboarding is the deal: shop decks. Most shops create decks with their own logo developed on the full length but here Pleasures goal was excellence and not “another board”

There are four designs available created by another all time great of Italian skate history. I’m talking about the OG street ripper from Rome known as Niko Stumpo. The gifted designer created four monsters that blend the influence of manga aesthetics with his own personal touch.

This one in the hands of Elena S is called #madskull (yes, with an hashtag!) and is available in 8,1 / 8,25 / 8,375 / 8,5. I have the whole set in my hands and I will show them to you one by one in my future posts, giving you more details of this menace to the skate society. In the meantime go pay a visit to Pleasures and pick up a skate deck. Just say no to corporate bulls*it: support the real.
Shop online for this item nowhere: go there and buy it!
Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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